You Never Forget Your First

I have drawn many portraits for people over the years but my first commission from a very good friend of mine has to be one of my favourites as it was my first. It was this one that really boosted my confidence and kick started my adventures in drawing.


I have never been very good at drawing faces, I think it’s because you can instantly tell if they are drawn correctly or not. So with that in mind I left them blank thus creating a rather unique style and one which has been met with mixed reactions.


When the pencil lines are inked, the pieces are looking their best yet. The next stage is to add texture in the form of dots that are all inked individually. This takes time, a long time as I always take extra care not to slip with the pen. I’ve only slipped with the pen once whilst texturing and it’s the most horribly frustrating feeling ever.


Luckily in the case of Holly’s family portrait it was completed without incident.


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