Drawing Salisbury Cathedral

As I work in Salisbury I am always a short walk away from Salisbury Cathedral. I really enjoy this place, not because every time I visit I discover something new; a quirky stonemason’s signature, a piece of its history I didn’t know about or that I definitely do not have a head for heights when on the tower tour, I love the place because others do. I’m always amazed at how many visitors it attracts and it makes me realise not to take things for granted too much. Salisbury is packed full of interesting history if you take the time to look.
I recently sat in a quiet corner of the grounds sketching it and it wasn’t long before a few people came over to see what I was doing. I find it funny that people passing fall into two categories; the ones that try not to make it obvious that they want to take a peep at your sketchpad and the ones who just come straight up to you to chat and look. I like either to be honest, it’s just nice to chat.
Salisbury Cathedral Sketching
So after scaling down and transferring my outline I set to work on the huge sky. I think people who have visited the cathedral will appreciate my dots, the sky above really does appear to be that huge on clear nights and I hope I’ve managed to capture it as it dwarfs the spire.
Salisbury Cathedral

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