Stonehenge in Miniature

I must have drawn Stonehenge dozens of times as living so close to the stones has definitely had an influence on my sketchbook. However, as I’m mainly concentrating on silhouettes at the minute, there aren’t actually many viewpoints that will allow you to draw an outline of the stones and still have it ending up looking like a recognisable Stonehenge.

Living down the road from Stonehenge qualifies me for a local residents pass, so me and my sketchbook can hunt out the perfect view point for free, which is really nice. I found a good outline recently, sketched it as best I could in the poor weather conditions and now I’ve been shrinking it to see how it would look in miniature.
Drawing Stonehenge
It’s surprising how much more concentration is needed when working on such a smaller scale. It was worth the extra time though as I think the piece looks really nice in its tiny frame. This is the smallest drawing I’ve done to date but seeing the finished product has encourage me to experiment more.
Hand drawn Stonehenge framed

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