The Tree House

All this year my little boy and I have been hard at work putting together a tree house for him at the bottom of the garden. I love the fact that he pays so much interest in whatever part I’m working on at the time and will often sit on the roof of the tree house and ask me questions. I decided to draw him one day whilst he was sat on high surveying the garden.


I remember at the time having to quickly get his basic form down on paper before he ordered me back to work. A few weeks after I managed to find a bit of time to finish the sketch and add a little bit of texture. I really like it for the fact that it instantly takes me back to fun times in the garden.



Oh, in case you’re interested in what The Castle currently looks like here it is. It’s all made from salvaged wood so hasn’t cost me anything apart from the odd moment of frustration when nothing seems to fit right.



2 thoughts on “The Tree House

  1. Naww. Can tell from the drawing that he’s a cute lil’ guy.

    The whole drawing and tree house concept is inspiring to me to try a project as equally big.

    I am a fifteen year old boy and know for sure that I would have loved that growing up.

    He is one lucky little man!

    Well written!



    1. Thanks for your wonderful comment, it’s made my day. Give the treehouse building a go, the hardest thing about this project was the sourcing of all the materials. The actually building of it was surprisingly easy and a lot of fun.

      My little boy certainly likes it a great deal which is the important thing šŸ™‚

      Thanks again for dropping by.


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