Free Art Friday

I can’t remember when I first came across the Free Art Friday movement but it’s been one of those inspiring ideas that never leaves the back of your mind. I love this idea and all its creativity and consideration that comes with it.

I’ve been participating in Free Art Friday on and off now for six months and it just gets better each time. My first drop came after seeing a couple of artists I follow on Twittertake their first steps, so I decided to give it a go myself. My first came in the form of rocket silhouettes hastily drawn on small painted pieces of chipboard. Dropped at lunchtime, gone by home time. Such a lovely feeling knowing that someone discovered it and took it home with them.

Free Art Friday: Hiding Rockets

I found that park benches in locations popular with tourists here in Salisbury were good for drops on dry days. I left an email address on some comics and drawings and only one person dropped me a line… from the US to say thank you. When the weather started taking a turn for the worst I had to get creative with where I left my drawings. My favourite is a wall with a missing brick as it provides shelter from the elements and little drawing filled envelopes fit in there nicely.

Free Art Friday: Hiding in the Wall

I would definitely recommend having a look at what people are doing over on the Free Art Friday page and get inspired yourself. Trust me, you’ll start looking at the world around you in a different way as you hunt out places to leave your artwork.

Free Art Friday: Cat up a Tree


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