Nerdageddon’s Bitterne-Con

I recently took my Raspberry Pi chatbot Woggle down to Bitterne-Con to show it off a little and to hopefully encourage others to make their own. I was really busy to start with as people young and old came over for a chat and a play with the various devices I had out on display. Most left with my card and access to all the code and documentation so they can get stuck in themselves.


My little stall was really a favour from the organisers of the event but it was in such a great position. On one side I have the droid builders who were so friendly and willing to show off their creations.


And on the other side I had a couple of great comic book artists who I look forward to meeting again. But a couple of tables on and I had the like of an old favourite of mine Michael Henbury who I had the pleasure of meeting at a previous event. Lovely chap.

Next door to him however was someone who played a massive part of my growing up. I loved chatting with Simon Hickson (the Simon from Trevor and Simon) . He gave me a badge.


Overall it was a good day. I have a few people to drop a line to about helping them code and hopefully I have more getting in touch about their coding projects.


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