FM Transmitter Hack to Boost the Range

I have always thought transmitting data via an FM frequency would be a creative addition to any project especially if it involved kites. I once came up with the idea to fly a bunch of sensors via kites that would relay the information down on the ground via a low powered FM transmitter. This could then be adapted to broadcast your own recordings should you be at the beach with friends and wanted to broadcast your own radio show to the people below. Rather like this Raspberry Pi project here.

After finding an old in-car FM transmitter I decided to revisit this project and test it out only to find that the range of the things wasn’t very good at all, probably just a few metres. So I set about modifying the FM transmitter to see if I can boost its range somehow.

Now I’m no electronics expert but on opening up the case I think I got the thing figured out, just check the video out for more details.

I took it outside for a bit of a test, making sure it wouldn’t interfere with anything whilst I was playing around with it.

FM Transmitter Hack to boost its range

I plotted my position and measured the distance. My simple modification managed a comfortable 200 metres before the signal started to fade or got drowned out with static.

FM Transmitter Hack to boost its range

I have a feeling I could further modify the transmitter more to achieve an even greater distance but I don’t really want to push it. This project is just for fun don’t forget so obviously check the laws in your area before experimenting yourself


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