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I keep myself busy with projects designed to help me understand and learn whilst hoping to inspire and assist others in the process. I keep a record of my adventures in tinkering over in my blog here. Please feel free to make contact with me if you’re interested and would like to know more about the things I make.

I also enjoy making apps for Android and the interesting challenges that come with each idea. Below is a selection of some of the fun ones currently in the app store. Making apps isn’t as difficult as you would think and I’ve hosted a number of app building classes to help people of all ages and abilities get started with developing their ideas. If you have an idea for an app then why not drop me a line, I may be able to help.

Just click on the icons to download from the Google Play store.



Download the aia App Inventor file

This was the result of a weekend build challenge and is a modern take on the classic retro game of Asteroids. Control your ship by simply tilting your way around the screen, manoeuvring into position and firing using the single button on screen. Please feel free to download the App Inventor file and have a go at making the game better.



The Circle Line Pub Crawl

The idea behind the Circle Line Pub Crawl app is simple, complete a lap of the London Underground’s Circle Line in a clockwise direction. This is achieved by rolling a dice to work out how many stations you must travel before disembarking the tube and heading up to street level to have a drink.

Along the way, the Pub Crawl app will randomly present you with forfeits to attempt in the pubs before you make your next roll of the dice. If a challenge is passed then play will continue in a clockwise direction around the circuit. If you fail the challenge then the next roll of the dice will force you to backtrack in an anticlockwise direction. The app comes preloaded with four forfeits but you are able to add three more of you own, making the game more relevant to your needs. The challenges that are contained within the app are suitable for all ages.


Draw Stuff

Draw Stuff is a little app aimed at giving you drawing ideas to think about and inspire you.

It contains an Ideas Generator that selects at random from a list of twenty drawing tasks. There are many great books out there that are based around ideas to get your drawing juices flowing and they do this very well. This selection of ideas however is slightly different as they are a little quirkier in flavour with occasional references to other sites to look up and explore.

In addition to the Ideas Generator there is also the Notebook. This allows you to scribble down any inspiring thoughts or annotate photographs taken with your phone’s camera when you find yourself without your real analog notebook. You can then save your Notebook entry to your sd card on your phone



Behind the Barcode

Behind the Barcode allows you to store content in the form of either notes, photographs or both against barcodes.

Need to keep track of what books you’ve read? Scan the book’s barcode and add a note. Need to marry up a photograph with a bottle of wine? Simple, scan the bottle’s barcode, take the photograph and let Behind the Barcode build up your personal collection of notes and photographs. This is a simple app with many uses.

To retrieve what you’ve previously saved, just scan a barcode to see what’s been saved against it.



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