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Woggle for the Raspberry Pi


The Code | Documentation

Woggle is a simple ai/chatbot/personal assistant. You don’t need any coding experience to enjoy Woggle as it can boot straight out of the box, allowing you to chat and interact right away.

The more you chat with Woggle, the more it learns and is able to hold better conversations in the future. Woggle already comes with a basic understanding of conversational topics and responses to help get you started.

In addition to the chat, Woggle is able to answer questions. It will require Woggle to be online so you’ll have to connect a up a network cable to your Raspberry Pi before you start asking him things.

It uses the Wolfram Alpha api to be able to provide intelligent answers to your questions. If Woggle is struggling to find an answer for you, it’ll then consult Google and return the top search result.


Woggle Mobile


The Android App | App Inventor FileDocumentation

Work has started on a mobile version of Woggle too. The idea is the Raspberry Pi version is for home use and the mobile version for out and about. The intention is that eventually both versions will share the same conversation file so everything you’ve trained it to do will be the same throughout.