Privacy Policy for Draw Stuff

Draw Stuff is developed and published by Rocket Science.

Rocket Science respects your privacy rights and recognises the importance of protecting any information relating to you. This Privacy Policy defines how Rocket Science collects and uses information in relation to the application (“app”) Draw Stuff.

Personal Data:

The application, whilst requiring access to your phone’s state i.e. to determine whether the device is open, access needs to be granted to read the phone number, network information and call status. Rocket Science does not collect or use any personal data be it user names, email addresses, photos, telephone numbers, credit cards numbers, account names, account numbers or other information that would enable Rocket Science to identify you.

Data Retention:

The application will require access to your camera and gallery in order to store and reference photographs on your device.

Sharing with Third Parties:

Rocket Science does not share any information from the application with third parties.